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Bioworks has assembled the following partners to help us create new companies in the agricultural and food sector:


AgLaunch accelerates new innovations in food and agriculture and is a joint initiative of Memphis Bioworks Foundation and Tennessee Department of Agriculture.


innovaINNOVA Venture Fund
INNOVA invests in early-stage, high-growth companies that have the potential to grow into significant economic contributors.


Additionally, Bioworks partners with a great group of partners including:
 usdaARSAgricultural Research Service, USDA
ARS is USDA’s chief intramural scientific research agency and supports USDA research priorities.


nagc_logoNational Agricultural Genotyping Center
Leverages the benefits of high-throughput genotyping to translate scientific discoveries into solutions for production agriculture, food safety, functional foods, bioenergy and national security.


missouri_logoUniversity of Missouri
University of Missouri is ranked among the top 15 programs in the world for animal and plant science research.


logo_agricenterInternationalAgricenter International
Agricenter International is a non-profit research farm and innovation center focused on southern row crops, based in Memphis, Tennessee.


As the world’s largest independent research and development organization, Battelle provides innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing needs.


logo-lifescienceTNLife Science Tennessee
Life Science Tennessee is a statewide, non-profit, member organization whose mission is to advance and grow the life science industry in Tennessee.



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