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New Year’s Goal: Check the AgLaunch Accelerator Application Off Your List

For many, the New Year can mean lofty workout goals, no more sizzling bacon for breakfast, and an added book on the shelf with the promise to help you achieve the most in life.

For entrepreneurs, this ambition translates to yearly goals like product validation, market entry, raised capital, etc. The list is long and incredibly crucial. It’s one thing to miss your morning run, it’s another thing to not raise your next round of funding.

With so many goals and priorities, a small startup team could potentially overlook some details.

Business accelerators are meant to alleviate some of that pressure by providing funding, as well as introductions to investors. For most accelerators, there is a strong focus on investment. While the AgLaunch Accelerator invests $50,000 into each team accepted into the program, that is not the main benefit.
The AgLaunch Accelerator is unique in that it combines intensive entrepreneurial training with connections to agricultural knowledge and a farmer network. AgLaunch participants validate their product through an intensive customer discovery process, develop and hone their business model, learn to communicate their ideas effectively, and identify the best market channels.

Another critical resource offered in the AgLaunch Accelerator is a strong network ranging from innovative producers to agtech companies; AgLaunch has connections that can make a promising agtech startup successful. All teams in the accelerator have access to incubator support assets including a prototype machine shop, lab facility, research farm for small plot trials, wet labs, biomass & food processing equipment, and university support.


“AgLauch has been great because they introduced us to a network of resources that we previously had no connection to,” explained Brenden Carroll, of Skycision, one of the recent AgLaunch graduates. “The growers we had a chance to speak to have been invaluable to us and we’ll see the impact of those results for a long time to come.”

Working with startups, we have found that strong knowledge and network in the industry alongside intensive startup training is much more useful than funding with little support. At AgLaunch we do things differently because we believe there’s power in the details.

Venture Beat outlines what makes an accelerator successful, concluding that startups should look for accelerators “that focus beyond fundraising to include business development activities.”

Don’t just take it from us though; as Umer Adnan of Cowlar, an AgLaunch Accelerator alumni, puts it “The AgLaunch team and partners are some of the most skilled people I have ever met in my life, in terms of creating founders and mentoring entrepreneurs on how to run a business. I think that is what matters most, rather than just funding. We feel like we are better entrepreneurs because of the experience.”

Don’t miss this opportunity! Get the New Year started by checking the AgLaunch Accelerator application off your list and apply today!


AgLaunch is an initiative implemented by the Ag Innovation Development Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Memphis Bioworks Foundation. For more information, click here.

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